Youth International Business Initiative (YIBI) Saratoga Branch

The Youth International Business Initiative (YIBI) is an organization based in the Bay Area devoted to providing a real experience of business participation in thereal world, giving members an unique opportunity to pitch their own ideas to potential investors, developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills along the way.

YIBI’s Saratoga branch aims to create and prepare a network of young entrepreneurs and leaders in our own community by educating them about business, marketing, and finance, allowing students to get a genuine taste of real business situations.

Recently, at Youth Business Leadership Training (YBLT) 2017 Session 1 from 6/12-6/17/2017, Alex Zhai, YIBI’s Saratoga branch Co-founder and President, mentored team Krioe, an intuitive approach to two large problems in the United States, unhealthy lifestyles and food waste. Alex also led team Poliglot, a progressive app aiming to educate and benefit people through multilingual learning. Elaine Zhai, YIBI’s Saratoga branch Co-founder and Vice President, mentored team FresheAir, an air purifier that eliminates smoke, decreasing lung cancer and heart attack rates.

On June 17th, 2017, YIBI President Erika Yang of Granada High School, Alex Zhai and Elaine Zhai of incoming Freshmen at The Harker High School, Vector Chen of Evergreen High School, and Brian Wang of The Kings Academy co-hosted the YBLT Session 1 SemiFinals. During the competition, each team presented their business idea in front of three highly qualified judges and answered a multitude questions from the audiences. Elaine’s team, FresheAir, won first place of the competition, and team Poliglot, mentored by Alex won second place.

Reported by a YIBI Staff Member

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